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Life preparedness for artists - just a few clicks away.  


We are building a platform that connects artists with a network of vetted service providers for the full arc of their careers and beyond. Both high-tech and high-touch, this will be the first people-powered platform of its kind.

Our Vision impacts five primary areas:

Headless Whorse Dance at The Field Artist Residency Space (2009). Photo by Robin Rapoport.


Artists added $114 billion to the New York State economy in 2018; yet too many live paycheck to paycheck. Our work will give artists expanded access to the information, skills, resources and advisors that are essential to achieving a secure and prosperous life.  The outputs we imagine are: clearer structure to income generation; less debt; more homeownership, increased savings, and more financial planning for family life from children to elder care to retirement.

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Executive Summary


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We will follow up with you about opportunities to support our Vision. Rest assured, we will not sell or publicly share your information.

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